Instrument Setups

Your instrument should play easily and sound great

Every player has a different preference when it comes to his/her instrument setup. I take my time and set the instrument to the exact playing needs of the musician. I make and install custom Buffalo Bone, Camel Bone and Tusq Nuts and Saddles to enhance a guitar's tonal qualities. I do fret replacing, leveling, dressing, polishing. And replace worn and broken parts.

I do all of the work on my own instruments and they are available for your inspection.

"Now that your are the proud possessor of this instrument, learn to love it. Remember it is one of your most intimate possessions--closer to you perhaps than anything else you may own. For it is the voice of the music within you, singing or sighing with your mood, and forever faithful to your innermost whims. So protect it from careless hands. Keep it clean and dry. It is well made and rightly designed to stand constant use. Have faith in it to respond to your skill and magnify your best efforts. Give to it the best you have and the best will come back to you."

-Epi A. Stathopoulo

The man behind the original Epiphone Guitar (1944)

Some examples:

Cello converted to an acoustic Bass

Re-Fret Job after Polishing

Fret Level, Dress, Polished


Custom Brazilian Rosewood Mandolin Bridge

Split head being repaired

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