The Music

Thom's Performance Genre is primarily Country Blues, but he has been known to bust out fat on the Requinto or Classical Guitars playing Spanish Classics, Mexican Rancheros and Cuban Folk Songs.

Instruments used during a typical performance may include:

  • Six String Gibson l-00 Acoustic Guitar
  • Six String Deering Maple Blossom Banjo
  • Six String National SLO-3 Resophonic Guitar
  • 12 String Martin Guitar
  • Fernando Gonzales Requinto Guitar
  • Jose Ramirez 1a Classical Concert Guitar
  • Mateu Flamenco Guitar
  • Stratolin Mandolin
  • National Mandolin
  • Diddley Bow (see store for pics)
  • Harmonica
  • Bones
  • The Front Porch (see store for pics)

A performance may include the music of Robert Johnson, Reverend Gary Davis, Mississippi John Hurt, Mance Lipscomb, Willie Dixon, Blind Boy Fuller, Henry Thomas, Tommy Johnson, Leroy Carr, Skip James, Willie Brown and many others.

Songs are introduced with a brief history to bring the audience into the music and explain the blues terminology in the vernacular.

When playing Latin music the repertoire may include the classics of Francisco Tarrega, Jose Marti, Mexican Rancheros and his own compositions including vocals in Spanish. 

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